Web Maintenance, Updating & Hosting

“To succeed on the Internet today, your website should be fluid, evolving and ever changing”

At DevelopmentGuruji we understand that your website needs continual change. Your customers expect it and Search Engines demand it.

If your website is static and has not been updated in years, it can actually be costing you business. A website that is 2 years old or older is not Web2.0 Compliant and is slipping in ratings and Search Engine Rankings.

DevelopmentGuruji specializes in Website Updating and Website Maintenance to keep your site Vibrant & Alive.

Let us manage your website updating and maintenance. You can focus your energy on running your business and know that your web presence is being maintained professionally. Our team will look after every aspect of your website; Updating (including content, new page elements, updating dates, new Add-on’s, etc) and Maintenance (which includes hosting, backups, database integrity and so on).

These steps will result in better SEO rankings and, will enable your business to grow exponentially.

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Web Hosting, Maintenance & Updating

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