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Web Maintenance Services

We successfully maintain over 500 websites. Most of these websites belong to international firms from the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Middle East, Europe and India. Our Website Maintenance Services are cost effective and ensure fast turnaround. Even if your site was designed & developed by a third party vendor, our experienced team can maintain your website.

We offer Custom Web Maintenance services according to your requirements.

Website Maintenance includes:

  • Adding or removing web pages
  • Adding or editing web contents and images
  • Newsletter & e-mail list maintenance
  • Shopping cart product updates
  • Site traffic analysis & reporting
  • Conversion tracking and analysis for your web marketing activities
  • Face-lifting your website or even a complete website redesign
  • Bug fixes & database programming

The Advantage of our Maintenance Services:

  • Attending to your maintenance request with in one business day.
  • Industry Standards will be maintained in all updates/edits.
  • Structured approach to execute your web maintenance to ensure low down time.
  • We keep Maintenance Logs to track the changes done in your website.
  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly backups of your website based on your requirements.
  • We will monitor and improve your online campaigns to get better Cost Per Conversion for better ROI.
  • We identify the best and worst converting pages, Ads, placements, and keywords.
  • We will identify your popular pages and improve them to retain visitor’s interest in your website.

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Web Maintenance

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